Irish Photo Rally
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Irish Photo Rally is an annual motorcycling event that takes place all over Ireland. Participants take photographs of their motorcycle at a number of predetermined objects. Certificates are awarded by the judges for everything they deem worthy of praise or ridicule. For more information, see the "About The Rally" page.

Irish Photo Rally 2020

Deadline: Irish Photo Rally 2020 was launched on the 8th of February and the deadline is midnight on the 4th of November 2020. The list of points for 2020 (and a GPX file) can be found on the map page. Details of how to take part can be found on the About The Rally page.

BMW Club Ulster Section Photographic Rally

The BMW Club Ulster Section run a photographic rally which is a sister event of the Irish Photo Rally. The Ulster Section event consists of the six Irish Photo Rally points in Ulster, plus three additional ones. Details of their event can be found here.

Online Application System:

As of the 4th of February 2017, the Irish Photo Rally has migrated to an online application system. Participants must now register their entry online and upload their photos before submitting their paper album. Paper albums are no longer compulsory, giving participants the option to participate in a digital-only format. For more details, go to the Submit Entry page.

Award Presentations:

2016 Awards

2015 Awards

2014 Award Winners

2014 Entrants

One photo taken from the album of each entrant. A record number of entrants makes this an epic feature.

2013 Award Winners

Certificates are awarded for the best photograph, best presentation, worst presentation, oldest bike and anything else the judges deem worthy or unworthy.

2013 Entrants

A photograph from every portfolio entered for the 2013 rally will be displayed here once they are presented at the awards dinner tonight.

2012 Award Winners

2012 Rally award winners. The photos are taken from the awards dinner presentation held in the Glasson on Feb 2nd, 2012.

2012 Entrants

Entrants to the 2012 Rally.

2011 Awards

From the 2011 awards night, held at the Glasson Hotel on Feb 4th, 2011.

Certificates were awarded for the best photograph, best presentation, worst presentation and anything else deemed worthy in the eyes of the judges.

2011 Entrants

A photograph from every portfolio entered for the 2011 rally.

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